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I am passionate about creating sensible solutions to complex problems and writing policies that are respectful, of all people whilst protecting valuable freedoms.  Scroll down to look at some of my ideas and thoughts. I do not profess to have all the answers and look forward to your input and thoughts. I am open to intelligent discussion based upon sound research and information. 

Although I am connected to and part of the local Gamiliraay community and there are members within that community who support my decision to run, my policies are in no way to be considered a reflection or to be speaking on behalf of the local Aboriginal community. I will only speak on behalf of the community if asked to. I have outlined in my policies why I make the stand that I do, and I respect peoples right to hold a different opinion. I believe that people have a right to know how I would vote if legislation was put before the Senate and to this end I have outlined what I stand for.

Julie Collins

Environment, Farming and Water

Hague Convention & Family Law Courts 

 - Section 121

 - Report Writers & Expert Witnesses 

 - Transparency & Accountability

 - Royal Commission

 - Put the Child Protection back where it should be!

Indigenous Matters.  Our communities have so many great incentives and initiatives.  We have wisdom and connection and understanding of our land.  We have amazing talents and can make a great contribution to benefit all Australians.  I will not presume to tell Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Communities what they want and need.  But I am happy to yarn and talk with individuals and groups to hear what your needs are and to be your voice.

Domestic Violence & Paedophilia 

I support stronger measures, including the consideration of medical interventions, for convicted paedophiles and an awareness campaign for those who have not yet offended but are aware that they are a potential offender to look at ways in which we can offer sensible solutions to prevent our children being harmed.

- Family Law & Domestic Violence legal assignment 2022 by a teenage boy who has survived the Family Law Court system.


A new Initiative - "Fairness in Law Centres" - An alternative to Legal Aid 

I have great plans to introduce alternative legal solutions to legal aid for everyone to have fairness in law.  To stop the rort of Solicitors and legal professionals, so save peoples superannution, homes and families!

Abortion - Turning the clock back, Aged Care & Euthanasia



Gender, Relationships, Children & Schools

Women's Sport!

Have you ever heard the sying "throw like a girl"?  Well guess what, our joints and bodies are biologically different and girls do throw differently.

I Suppport Protecting Women's Sport's, Religious Freedoms for individuals, families & Workplaces including Schools

I Support Accountability and Transparency - AMA, HCCC, APHRA & Other similar governing bodies need to be held Accountable.

COVID 19, Mandates, Lockdowns & Border Closures!  

Covid 19 has shone a spotlight on injustice.  For thousands of years people groups in Australia have experienced freedoms removed, children harmed, control and coercion and police brutality and interference.  It must be said that not all police have been involved, but we do know that it does occur.

It is time for Australians to join together.


Covid 19 is real and sadly some people have passed away, but more people died of Domestic Violence in QLD than they did from Covid.  


What has concerned me is that the extreme measures such as border lockdowns, lock outs, mandates, and loss of work.  These continued for way too long and are still ongoing for some. 

I am appalled by and deeply grieved by the Police Brutality in Victoria.  For way to long people groups in our country have been putting up with Police Brutality.  For too long people have turned a blind eye.  But now that Australia has seen what occurs join with me to stand up against Police Brutality against all peoples!


No, I do not support the way Our Government refused to intervene and failed to respond when it was to these extreme measures when it was blatant for everyone to see.   I want to bring change.  Let's work towards a real community one that can rely upon each other and a Government who works for the people not against them.   I will be voice for what matters!


I support Compensation for Loss of Jobs, and I am disgusted at the loss of good Teachers, Police and Health Care Workers!

I support sound research and recommendations by Professionals independent of big pharmaceuticals. 

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