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Thank you for your reply, Julie - and for pointing me in Wendy Francis' direction! (I hadn't heard of her; her books on gender - and the fact that her mission is to 'speak truth in love' - are inspiring.) It looks like we have similar beliefs on this topic! I also received your reply about your stance on vaccine mandates, and I was pleased with your response. I'm glad to know that there are people like you out there in the political world, with good hearts and goals, wanting to make a difference. Thank you! And best wishes! - JB

God bless you Julie. You will make such a difference and your voice will be heard. You have my vote Julie! Keep shining your light!! - CT

Well done. I thank the Lord for raising up amazing beautiful family in Christ to help in Parliament. I'm so excited for you. May God's love and peace be with you always. - TF

Well done. I pray that you get into the Senate. God bless. - DG

Thanks for standing Julie. Thanks for your how to vote explanation. - AS


Thanks for sharing this Julie. All the best with it. I’ll certainly be looking for your name below the line on election day. God bless. - LS

Hopefully you will get in and be able to make a difference! - BA

I have just watched your video on the RDA website, I am most impressed! Well done! You have my vote without hesitation. - JT

Loved listening to your talk today at Glen Innes. It was excellent and clearly showed your passion and skill. - JS

You all should vote for Julie. Authenticity cannot be bought and this lady is authentic. She really cares and this is rare today. - SD

Thank you for taking such a strong a stance on such important issues. I wholeheartedly support you. - SB

Hi Julie, I’ve just listened to several of your videos. What you say is excellent. Thank you.- JW

Just doing some cheeky last minute research of candidates. Not usually that fussed with independants, but loved your policies. Going to vote below the line so I can put you specifically at the top and hope you make it in! - JG


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